Dr. Libby Gilmore Schanzmeyer

Show up. Focus. Shine.

Hi! I’m Libby. Life Coach. Physician. Friend.

I’m here to help you do three things:


Here is the deal.

I was the typical “burned out physician”.  I worked a lot at the hospital and at home and tried to help care for my mother (during her long, downhill battle with Parkinson disease).

I didn’t have time for the kids like I wanted. I didn’t spend the time with my mom that I wanted. I didn’t have amazing turn around time at work.

And did you notice, my husband barely made the list! I felt like a failure because I gave “less than my all” to the things I cared so deeply about including my family, my work and even my own physical and emotional health.

All I could see was what was NOT working. It sucked.

Even thought I have spent decades learning personal development, I couldn’t do it on my own anymore.

So, I started working with a life coach.  It helped. It gave me hope. 


gradually...my life has been transformed by life coaching.

In addition to being a life coach, I’m a pathologist.  Also called “the doctor’s doctor”.

I look at slides under a microscope. Any blood or tissue that “goes to the lab” comes to me and then I report what I see to the doctor. We look at the cells with the microscope at “low-power” to get a bird’s eye view, and then at “high-power” to see the details of each cell.

One day sitting at the microscope I realized, that we are each a high-powered field (HPF), just like the cells. What goes on with EACH cell is important and affects all the other cells. We are like the cells. So uniquely individual and interconnected at the same time. I realized we don’t give ourselves the credit, space and connections we need to thrive. 

Years of yoga and meditation lead me to discover Marshall Rosenberg’s nonviolent communication. Practicing and studying Nonviolent Communication (started by Marshall Rosenberg Ph.D.) has also been transformative. Nonviolent communication has helped me live with more softness and loving kindness to myself and others.  

All of these experiences have led me to believe in the power of connection and life coaching.

I was lacking tools. We are not taught any way of coping with the rough edges in life besides what we pick up along the way. In learning these new tool, and practicing them, my life is significantly more happy and more “my own”. 

We have such power. Especially moms. We are the emotional beacon of the home.

I now have real, tangible, simple (but not always easy) tools to use to create the life of my grandest vision. (HINT: It’s not just about the external outcome!) And now, part of my grand vision is to share these tools with you. 

Please connect with me! My vision is to build a community of leading edge women who:  Show up, focus and shine!

With love and light,


“I am an emissary of light, an inspired high-powered field, speaking truth, creating magic, joy, love and acceptance as Source/God manifests through me.”